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About Us

“We are the light at the end of the tunnel. We are the guide in their dark paths.” – Gidon Levy, C.E.O.

Our Company Vision

Bridging the gap between the technology and the users.

We want to be able to accomplish this for every single one of our clients and customers by dramatically improving the level and quality of support they receive in this increasingly technologically networked world.


US Global Tech Results Driven Concierge Level Tech Shop

US Global Tech offers personalized products and software solution for Laptops, PC’s, Mac, Printers, Smartphones & More!

Our team offers a secure and reliable approach to providing client and customer solutions, where the response time is super fast, and, every member of our support team is dedicated to ensuring that our level of support is available to customers around the clock.

Our easy to follow ordering interface makes it easy for customers to choose exactly what type of product they need and want for themselves. Enabling each one to choose what kind of level of support to sign up for without straining their finances. Our plans and pricing are tailored to suit your needs.

Our Agent to Customer support system is streamlined to make it simple for support agents to assist every valuable customer in any support need they may have at the first interaction.Our Professional Expertise:

Setup and Install

Tuneup and Optimization Software


Virus and Malware Removal Software


Internet Security Software

US Global Tech Managed
IT Services

We offer business to business managed services to make real time round the clock assistance available to your day-to-day operations. We assist in ensuring that your technology needs are applied harmoniously into your work environment. We provide our technical mastery, consistent and reliable support, and multi-platform flexibility to free you up from IT problems that can arise from your typical day-to-day operations.

Having US Global Tech Manage as your trusted resource enables you to have a effective and cost-efficient approach that can be scaled to your demands. Based on our team’s accumulated experience we also
offer third-party expertise on multiple products from different
technology vendors.

US Global Tech
Product Sales

US Global Tech specializes in the e-retail of Laptops, Laptop spare parts, Laptop Accessories, Printers, Printer products, Printer supplies, Anti-virus and Internet Security products and many more. Our goals is to connect customers with high quality products at convenient prices.

With the main goal of delivering products on time while developing customer trust in US Global Tech and on the brands that we sell, we strive to ensure that customers get both what they want and need from the products that they purchase.

Gidon Levy

President and CEO, US Global Tech Sales and Support

Oiram Kirby Borja

Chief Operating Officer, US Global Tech Sales and Support